Case Study

Work-Related Road Safety

Stakeholder Engagement Event

Engage: The Client

The Department for Infrastructure and partners

Enrich: The Brief

Create an event designed for managers and professionals within the Road Transport, Logistics, Insurance, Bus/Coach, Courier, Retail, Safety and Government Sectors. The event was to engage an audience of key stakeholders on the issue of work-related road safety, why it is important and how to improve it.

Elevate: The Outcome

Podiem successfully reached out to the key representative bodies (including the Institutes of Highways & Transport, Insurance and Transport & Logistics) and secured their buy-in. This collaborative foundation, along with the securing of thought-leading speakers, helped to ensure that the project exceeded the performance targets including attendee numbers, publicity and positive delegate action post-event.

This was a landmark event for an issue that can quite literally be a matter of life and death. The event has succeeded in pushing the issue up the agenda of employers, policy makers and society at large.

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