Case Study

Unlearn 2021

A Virtual Leadership Lunch 

Engage: The Client

Danske Bank and MLN

Enrich: The Brief

Alongside Danske Bank, create a brand and virtual/festive leadership lunch that would attract 500+ registrations and help attending business leaders to anticipate, prepare for and surmount the disruptive change that awaits in 2021. Our intention was to send business leaders into the Christmas period with hope and fresh perspectives.

Elevate: The Outcome

We created the Unlearn 2021 brand and secured two appropriate speakers in the form of a world-renowned thought leader (South African based futurist Graeme Codrington) and a leading local economist (in Danske’s Conor Lambe). The event ultimately attracted 600+ registrations and clearly resonated with the target audience as we received some excellent feedback and comments post-event with many asking for the presentation slides for future referral. The audience engagement element took the form of a ‘Most Festive Attendee’ twitter competition and this was particularly well received.

“Brilliant way to move from 2020 to 2021……. with hope and pragmatism”

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