Case Study

Inspiring Entrepreneurs

A Virtual Lunch

Engage: The Client

Belfast City Council

Enrich: The Brief

To celebrate Global Entrepreneurship week 2020, Belfast City Council commissioned Podiem to create and promote a virtual event that would engage entrepreneurs, wantrepreneurs and businesses that work to encourage entrepreneurial activity.

Elevate: The Outcome

Podiem secured best-selling business author Emma Jones MBE as the keynote speaker for this event. As Founder of Enterprise Nation she herself is both was both an entrepreneur and an enabler. To help engage the ‘key players’, Podiem differentiated the virtual event by delivering a ‘real lunch’ to entrepreneurial enablers. The lunch was made up of locally produced artisan food and delivered by LocalBox who themselves are a Belfast start-up. Some 123 delegates registered for the event and attendee feedback was 100 % positive with delegates taking home transferrable lessons as well as a tasty lunch!

“An excellent collaborative session from Belfast City Council and Pacem which addressed many questions and concerns for pre and beginning start-ups. I would recommend this event to others and am keen to re-watch the recording!”

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