Case Study


A Virtual Summit

Engage: The Client

ABC Council, MLN, Danske Bank & Amet Insurance

Enrich: The Brief

Create a brand and virtual event that would engage and inspire managers, leaders and businesses in Northern Ireland at the early stages of the Covid-19 crisis. Deliver a remote summit that would provide the audience with ideas and insights that would inspire ambition and action. The project targeted a total of 500 registrations.

Elevate: The Outcome

We designed a brand and delivered an event that ultimately attracted well over 1,400 registrations and some of the most positive and grateful attendee feedback that we have ever received. The concept, brand and promotional collateral clearly resonated with the target audience as did the 4 world-class speakers that we secured for the event. Out event partners received the credit and profile they deserved for having the vision and leadership to help us produce such a powerful and worthwhile event.

“This was the best online event that I have attended. Phenomenal, inspiring, grounded, and human. A huge privilege to have attended this – thank you!”

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