Case Study

Buy Belfast

Virtual Christmas Market

Engage: The Client

Belfast City Council

Enrich: The Brief

As part of a wider entrepreneurship awareness project, Podiem proposed the creation of an online marketplace that would offer Belfast businesses a route to market and revenue stream at a time when Covid-19 restrictions seriously hampered both. It would also allow the Belfast public to support local businesses at a time when they need it most.

Elevate: The Outcome

The Buy Belfast Virtual Christmas Market had a total of 222 registered stall holders, and with their wares for sale, attracted 6700+ total group members on the Facebook platform. The Buy Belfast group enjoyed significant engagement statistics with in excess of 18,000 posts, comments and reactions and an average post reach of over 1,600. The general public, shoppers and business owners enjoyed the wide range of local products and services on display and similarly, the local businesses took the opportunity to use a free initiative to showcase and sell their products. The online platform was active for 4 weeks and provided Belfast entrepreneurs with a route to market, a revenue stream and in some cases an opportunity to test a fledgling business idea following the impact of Covid-19 on their livelihood. It also created a vibrant community (of shoppers and sellers) which offered hope to the latter and an opportunity to help to the former.

“The platform provided a lifeline for small local businesses when shops were closed. The market was so well organised, I only have good words towards the organisers and everybody that made it possible”

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