Awards, Ceremonies, Galas & Dinners


Podiem has the capability to manage every aspect of the awards process.  Setting the criteria, managing the submissions, recruiting judges and controlling the judging/mystery shopping is a significant element of every credible awards process.  Many awards celebrations tend to be self-funding and are therefore reliant on sponsorship and ticket sales to make them financially viable.  The Podiem team has a phenomenal track record in attracting the necessary financial support.

Ceremonies, Galas & Dinners

The celebratory event at which awards are distributed can be tailored in accordance with your requirements, complete will full glitz and glamour and pomp and ceremony (if that is what you want!).  Because they are notoriously ‘long’ events, we will be military in our precision of the planning and delivery so that the buzz is maintained and all the awards are presented before dawn! The Podiem team has also managed numerous non-award gala dinners on behalf of clients. These events are designed to create an impression on attendees and we guarantee a first class experience for you and your guests.


Annual Janus Awards for Professionalism      Janus Awards   

Chartered Institute of Logistics and Transport Annual Gala Dinner     

REACH Awards